A Look Back at Popular Design Trends of 2016

The year 2016 was very memorable in many ways interior design trends included – in fact some might say it was one of the most stylish years we have had in a long time.

More confident versions of ourselves brought us back into the realm of mirrors with big bold statement mirrors making a feature.

Kitchens took on a bold stance with light and airy vibes and contrasting dark ‘white goods’ fridges, freezers shook of their stainless steel and white persona’s and adopted a black look. Smudged fingerprints here we come!

Marble wasn’t just confined to the kitchen worktop in 2016 – it took on all kinds of forms and worked as an accent feature throughout the home.

Bathrooms became so much more than just bathrooms in 2016 – the introduction of more space, seating and soft furnishings was finally a homage to how much time we do actually spend in our bathrooms.

luxury bathroom design

Those creatives amongst us practised their calligraphy and their pen art and walls were decorated with inspirational quotes, handwritten and flowing at a time when many looked for positivity throughout the year.

Florals and butterfly prints overtook symmetry and clean lines in both soft furnishings and wallpapers.

Despite the busy soft furnishings and finishes there was still a minimalist approach to the design features of the year. The real skill involved balancing Hygge with minimalist making living spaces cosy but not cluttered.

interior design hygge living room

People went all out on eclectic mixes of furniture with various fabrics, textures, colours, woods, tiles and brick work.

It might have been the wintery weather and it’s certainly a trend that has carried on into 2017 – but fireplaces have made a definite comeback – big and small. Out with the pot bellied stove and in with the raw fireplaces.