Interior Design Ideas for 2017

In 2017, colour looks to be making a comeback, not only is it making a vibrant comeback but it’s also bringing with it a mixture of patterns and textures. We have heard whisperings of vibrant greens on the horizon.

interior design chaise longes

Although florals made a bold appearance in 2016, this year we will be focused more on the butterflies, retro, feminine or kitsch – everything goes.

As we become more aware of the materials we introduce into our lives and the effect we are having on the planet we have around us there is a definite shift towards sustainable materials and even some fake materials that look just as good as the real thing but can withstand the wear and tear of our daily lives. Materials will however take on all kinds of forms including different textures, folds and thickness of fabrics.

As space is at a premium look out for plenty of space saving ideas that help you to maximise your areas and stay stylish at the same time. Plenty of fold out appliances and units will be hitting the stores. That also means furniture will be downsized – no more heavy solid sofas that take up most of the room.

Neutral tones will still be in but rather than your usual duck egg blues, your cool greys and your taupes there will be a little warmth to the neutrality. Blacks are almost certainly out and have instead been replaced with warmer versions of navy blues – blues stretch throughout the house, whether it is accents in otherwise neutral rooms or featured soft furnishings.

luxury living room

The Hygge factor is still there this year but look to geometrics to take the clutter out of the hygge.

Don’t be afraid to go all out with your lighting. A simple modern kitchen can be refreshed with chandelier style lighting above a plain solid kitchen island.

Natural flowing lines will replace solid boxy designs. And that means out with the box l-shaped sofas and in with the eclectic natural looking pieces.

Exposed lightbulbs, cool metals and industrial looks will be out with a return to warmer materials.