Best Interior Design Books

A great many people are interested in finding a way to become more self-sufficient with everything these days, and that includes interior design. People need to be able to feel comfortable in their own homes. They need to feel safe and happy and have their space just as they want it.  The interior design of a home can have a positive impact on the emotional aspects of living.

As the reliance on interior designers begins to fade, interior design books are increasing in popularity – even if they are no more than a splendid coffee table book for inspiration and aspirations. There are some great books out there with practical tips on how to – ideal for those who are keen to take interior design into their own hands with professional guidance at a distance.

The Fundamentals of Interior Design is a good book that introduces any budding interior designer to the key elements and ideas of interior design. It takes you from creation of ideas through to actually realising them in 3d format helping you to visualise your designs – perfect for those of us who find it hard to move their ideas from the paper format to something solid and fixed in reality.

Work through this book and you will have a good grasp on spatial awareness and the use of different types of materials including sustainable materials.This book is ideal for students and also contains case studies from globally recognised interior design studios such as Conran and Partners, Slade Architecture, Gensler and Chae-Pereira.

The Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life is a book that gives a good balanced perspective on the entire endeavour of interior design. Erin Gates is an interior designer with over ten years of experience in the field. She talks through each of the rooms in a house and uses lessons she has learned from her own home and life with pictures illustrations and personal commentary.

Bright colourful pictures give this book a luxurious feel making it the ideal companion for any home decorating projects. The book also has an extensive resource list and shopping guide to keep all aspects from being too complicated making it a breeze from beginning to end.

English Houses: Inspirational Interiors from City Apartments to Country Manor Houses An inspirational book which covers twelve very different homes in the UK all of which are uniquely English in their features, design and style.

If you are looking for something that will give you a broad view of all types of homes across the UK including stylish city dwellings, country homes, cottages and the more unusual styles of follies and pied-a-terre style apartments, then this is the ideal book for you.If you are just looking for a little peek into how others live and design their lives then this is also an ideal book. Learn more about the furniture, textures, fabrics and patterns that underpin the Englishness of a home.

Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves is a popular entry in this genre and a New York Times bestseller. Styled has around one thousand design ideas with easy steps and tweaking ideas to style any space.

Emily Henderson focuses on the small changes that you can make to make your space just as you want it following some very simple rules of design.The book takes its one thousand design ideas from around seventy-five inspirational rooms, each one uniquely styled and almost certain to get you motivated to trying out these simple steps in your own home.

The New Bohemians is definitely worth a look if you want to keep up with the cool kids from LA – boutique owners, entrepreneurs, expats and artists. The Big Book of Chic is another that is worth a look – particularly if you are familiar with the work of Miles Redd – known for his accessible but quirky glamour style.